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Pierros La Couture Des Fleurs florists are delighted to provide the flowers and floral decorations for your wedding ceremony – that most important of moments when you formally become a family. We have the highest respect for the sacred institution of marriage, and we take care to reflect the wishes of even our most demanding customers. We offer an impressively wide range of floral decorations for the church, the wedding lambades, the bridal bouquet and the reception that follows. You and your guests will always cherish happy memories of the fresh blooms and beautiful textures, arranged in harmony with the setting and carefully placed to enhance the over-all look of your wedding service. The first step is to complete our basic questionnaire which our creative department will send to you via email. After we have made an initial study of your needs, we will ask you to book our first appointment together. This appointment will take about two hours and costs 250.00 euros, which will be refunded if you choose us to provide the floral arrangements for your wedding. At this initial appointment, we will introduce you to our work with a wide range and examples. After this, we will arrange a second appointment where we will talk in greater detail about the ideas, designs and colors in our special area. On the basis of this discussion, we will all be able to start getting ready for the wedding. At this second appointment you will be able to see table arrangements, CandyBar decoration, banquet decor and details such as wedding fancies and lambades. Your final choice will definitely be easier after you have seen the quality, unique techniques and rigorous professionalism of Pierros LCDF florists. Finally, in the period leading up to your wedding, there will be a series of other appointments so we can see, in detail, the various sections of the church and the reception area and make detailed notes about the final décor for the big day.

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